Muvi Cinemas make magic in Saudi with Harkness Screens

World-leading cinema screen manufacturer Harkness is celebrating a three-year partnership with Saudi Arabia’s leading operator muvi Cinemas.

Muvi Cinemas installed the first Harkness screen in its first cinema – Mall of Arabia in Jeddah – and more than 200 screens later, continues to specify the global leaders in cinema screen technology, not just for their expertise but for the unparalleled heritage Harkness brings to the Muvi experience.

As quick as they were to capitalise on exciting new opportunities in the Saudi cinema sector, muvi Cinemas was equally quick to appreciate that the audio-visual experience of their cinema-going audiences had to be paramount, and as far as the latter was concerned, that meant working with Harkness, who have a peerless 90 years’ experience in delivering a superior cinema screen experience the world over.

Harkness Screens deliver as close as technically possible the image the movie director visualised, with colour definition, contrast and clarity close to perfection. Which is why Harkness are the screens of choice for film premieres and global shows like CinemaCon and CineEurope.

And while Saudi is synonymous with high quality, Harkness Screens help muvi Cinemas deliver green quality too. As part of a focus on being environmentally friendly, Harkness moved from solvent-based to water-based screen coatings several years ago. The company’s new R&D facility, which opens this year, is tasked with improving this record even further.

Muvi Cinemas’ CEO Adon Quinn said: “Harkness were our screen supplier of choice when we launched in Saudi due to the product’s quality, performance and longevity which enables us as muvi Cinemas to deliver our promise to the customers by offering a seamless and best-in-class cinema experience. Harkness will continue be our partner in success in our expansion plan for the coming years as they are undoubtedly the global leaders in this technology.”

Harkness CEO Mark Ashcroft added: “We are delighted to be working with muvi Cinemas who currently operate the largest number of screens and box office share in Saudi Arabia. Harkness has a rich heritage in the Middle East and with our global manufacturing resource we are well placed to supply muvi Cinemas with world leading screens as they increase their cinema portfolio in the region.” 

Harkness and muvi Cinemas light up the big screen in Saudi

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