Las Vegas to Barcelona via Cannes: Follow Clarus

The leading organisations representing movie makers and cinema operators choose Harkness Screens to showcase movies to global audiences. For the last 9 years Clarus XC 170 has been the screen of choice at Cinemacon.

The screen was again star of the show at Cinemacon 2023 but with the addition of both the Qalif Ultimate and Qalif Spectro to set up the show and provide monitoring of the studio presentations. The screen was manufactured in Roanoke, Virginia, USA.

A 20 year history of Qalif and Harkness Screens was celebrated over the last 10 days at the Cannes Festival. Working with projection partners from around the world the film premieres came alive on the latest generation of Harkness Screens.

It is now fast approaching Cine Europe in Barcelona and once again the Clarus XC 170 is the organisers screen of choice and will be central to new technology releases and the very latest film previews. Manufactured in France using the latest raw materials and water based optical coatings, care has been given to the packaging and transport (558 miles distance) to assist in reducing environmental impact.

Take a look at what Mark Ashcroft told J. Sperling Reich at 2022’s Cinemacon; yet again Clarus was the star of the show

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