Harkness Americas announces launch of ProAV Division

Press Release: June 13th 2023

Roanoke, Virginia

Harkness, the world leader in projection screens in cinema, are delighted to announce the creation of Harkness ProAV Americas. This will bring a new ultra-cinematic quality level experience on projection screens to the ProAV world for the first time.

“Projected light and colors on a screen are a fine and challenging balance of art and science”, said Anthony Kelly, SVP Americas for Harkness. “Consumers seek amazing visual experience quality in anything from a smartphone to a concert backdrop to a museum and of course in a premium cinema, and Harkness are dedicated to delivering exactly that. It’s a natural extension to bring this from Cinema to AV, but also a thrill, to be bringing the very best in projection screens technology to a bigger audience.” 

Sharp and true images, seen from any seat in the house, be it viewed from near or far, side to side, high or low, are achievable with the Harkness triple package of Image-modelling Apps, Hi-technology Nano-coated Screens and Luminance-color calibration devices. This ensures the planning, performance and quality monitoring of the projected images is a precise and controlled operation.

Eric Martin, Director Demospec Manufacturing (France), commented “Harkness operate across 4 continents so as a pioneer in European Event Screens, it is a natural progression to build on 25 years’ experience in Europe into the USA” 

Harkness ProAV is about making a wonderful, instead of washed-out, visual experience to match the excellence of the consumer experience you are creating, be it a concert, movie, event, museum, sporting event or retail environment.

Welcome to true projected images. Welcome to Harkness ProAV.

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