CineEurope is the official convention of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), an international trade association representing cinema exhibitors and their national associations across 38 European territories whose focus is to better promote the social, cultural and economic value of cinemas in Europe and internationally. Showcasing product presentations, cinematic technologies, innovations and educational seminars to keep your business on top of industry trends.


20th - 23rd June 2022


Centre Convencions internacional Barcelona
Harkness will be located on the first floor in Room 121

We look forward to showing you our latest screen innovations.

Meet the Harkness team. Be the first to see our industry leading technology in action, including our new collaborative cloud-based platform for the ultimate in screen optimisation, new innovations in screen packaging, our range of breath-taking 3D solutions and Qalif Spectro, our leading laser-ready projection calibration tool

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